So much work has been done (and continues), installing the Heritage archives and improving the look of the Beckford Centre function room.

A handful of dedicated volunteers have been doing the bulk of that work but we need help to keep it going.

We rely on your annual subscriptions and fees from social group members and want to keep those at the current rate for as long as possible.

We need volunteers for:

We would like to set up a group of volunteers we can call on and ideally create a rota:

  1. To offer the public more access to the Beckford Centre on set days

2.  Our ongoing energy costs alone will rise by 60%, in November and we can’t afford to open the centre on an ad-hoc basis, especially during winter months.

3. BOTTOM LINE – we want the Beckford Centre to survive!


If you can spare a couple of hours, either on a regular basis or occasionally, please contact me: [email protected] or leave a voicemail on 01983 244180.