Transport Through the Ages (DVD)


A Revolution in Transport

The development of the engine, in all its varied forms, opened up public travel opportunities that would have been unimaginable to early Victorians. Cowes was often at the forefront of this extraordinary revolution, as it took hold on the Isle of Wight.

Arguably, it was where the first cross-Solent scheduled steamer operation was spawned, where work on the Island’s once extensive railway network started and where there was a pioneering airline operation. Southern Vectis had its first depot in the Cowes area and from a local shipyard came passenger vessels.

There have been a succession of cross-river chain ferries and fast cross-Solent links have been provided by launches, hovercraft, hydrofoils and catamarans.

The travel story also includes the time, centuries before the engine supplanted sail, when Cowes was a departure point for pioneering settlers to America.

Well-known Island thespian, Peter Boffin, provides the narration, supported by many pictures, old footage and informative interviews.

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